Trentham Food Hub is here to transition our community towards a thriving local food economy.

We provide quality, fresh, local produce to our community in a convenient and affordable way, which supports our local farmers and promotes food security within our region.

We collaborate with producers and other partners to rebuild the networks and infrastructures that support our independence from the global industrial food complex.

We craft authentic, fun and creative seasonal food experiences that build relationships and celebrate what it means to participate in a local food system.

The Team

Behind Trentham Food Hub is a vibrant team of experienced, passionate and creative local food fanatics who live and work in Trentham and the surrounding region.

Justin Walsh

Justin is a 7th-Generation Trentham local with a family heritage in food production that extends back through his ancestors’ fishing and tithe farming livelihood in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Growing up in Trentham during the ‘90s, Justin saw a gradual decline in local farming activity, coupled with a recession of the local economy. Years later, as a landscape architect he saw the rapid conversion of moth-balled dairy farms in Northern Victoria to sprawling residential developments of project homes and pocket parks. He wanted to do something about that and so began Trentham Food Hub.

His favourite vegetable is fennel and he’s very frond of it.

Christine Walsh

Christine’s earliest food memories include picking strawberries with her Grandfather in Lakes Entrance. He had been a cook on merchant ships and maintained a massive ¼ acre veggie garden along with a couple of prolific quince trees.

After studying Business and Visual Arts, Christine is now an accountant at a firm in Melbourne. Her experience in audit and business advisory has helped Trentham Food Hub to grow from a handful of ideas to a social enterprise, and Christine is also behind much of our event styling, newsletters and social media.

Her favourite vegetable is the potato. She finds it quite a peeling.

Glenda Holmes

Glen is a conservationist from way back. Growing up in Bendigo, with a big back yard full of vegetables, fruit trees and a chook yard, fresh produce was natural.

Moving to Trentham 11 years ago, Glen put her values into action through Trentham Sustainability Group. ‘Future food & farming – keeping it local’ was an early TSG initiative. A favourite quote: “food is at the centre of sustainability” (Roberto Perez). Knowing where your food comes from and reducing food miles all contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community and planet.

No favourites, Glen loves all local seasonal fruit & veggies!

Kasie Watson

Kasie is a recent import to Trentham and loves living on the edge of the Wombat State Forest, but is still patiently waiting to meet a wombat.

After former lives across Australia as a governess, jillaroo, barista, office girl, gemmologist and jewellery valuer; Kasie is now a registered myotherapist and passionate business owner running The Green Store in Trentham with her family. In addition to offering myotherapy and massage at The Green Store, it's an old-fashioned store for a modern world with a focus on natural, sustainable and ethical products for home, garden and body.

Joining the Trentham Food Hub crew feels like joining a conversation that is getting louder the whole world over; we have to rethink the way we consume.

Kasie struggles to talk about herself in the third person and is seriously partial to a potato so she’s definitely found the right town in Trentham to call home.

Our Values


We work together as a community of people that are invested in our food. We work with our broader local community and support our local economy.

We also work with research and advocacy groups around Australia, and we contribute to informal support networks of similar organisations, producers and individual advocates, both locally and further afield. 


In reaction to a food system that is failing us, we are striving to create new opportunities for new local growth. We are doing things a little differently and employing a wide array of skills in the process.

We endeavour to implement a business model that is adaptable and inherently creative to assist our producers in tacking major challenges. 


Our work is founded on a deep respect for our local growers and artisans. 

Local food production is a life enriching process fostered by a nurturing ecology and refined skills developed through hard-won experience. 

We hold respect for all people we work with, their unique capabilities, experience and values. We support individual choice and perspective. 


The Trentham Food Hub operates within the community as a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are locals who are invested in the future of our local food sector, accountable to one another, our community and the planet. 

We promote and support ethical and accountable producers and strive for transparency of governance in our organisation.